The Memorian Prophecies

By M.H. Milrem


"I do not regret my choices, they have made me what I am today.

The savior the world craves.

She who came before

The Warrior"

Enda is a world without equal - ruled by an immortal couple, governed by a council of twelve, documented by a tribe and toiled by humans. Beneath the smooth surface of a glittering, golden city, dystopia lurks and all that stands between doom and redemption is a little orphan.

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The Warrior 

- Book One of the Memorian Prophecies

Tria is an orphan and a thief. Two things that should not exist in the glittering city, Lysena.  

When she makes friends with the heir to the richest merchant of Lysena, Tria has to decide between her freedom and saving his life.

But then she is Called by the gods in Lysena’s glistening temple and discovers that underneath the city of light and love lurks a dark and dangerous world - ruled by the mysterious Magician.

In those shadows, Tria has to learn all over again what it takes to survive. Only this time, she has a teacher who will stop at nothing to turn her into the most fearsome weapon the world has ever seen.

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The Touched One

- Book Two of the Memorian Prophecies

Aiden is heir to the biggest merchant empire in Lysena. And still, meeting a girl with a knack for stealing is the best thing that ever happened to him - or the worst.  

When his friend leaves him for dead in Underworld, a strange, unnatural place, Aiden vows to spend the rest of his miserable life clawing his way back home.

In a world full of monsters, the greatest of them all becomes the father Aiden never wanted. But being loved by a madman is a dangerous gift in Underworld, and Aiden is forced to fight for his life surrounded by foes and fickle allies. One purpose guides him.

To get revenge. To take a life. To kill her.

Out in August 2022

The Destroyer

- Book Three in the Memorian Prophecies

Once, Lingan was the most powerful creature in the world. Now, he is reduced to a shadow of his former self, peddling parlor tricks and biding his time. It blackens his immortal soul.

Lingan’s fate was cast long ago: “A girl of raven hair. A boy touched by fate. And he who sees all. Find them all and reclaim your rightful place in the world.”

As the immortal seeks to reclaim his lost powers and dreams of vengeance, the three he seeks fall into his lap. One becomes his apprentice, moulded in his image. One is set on a wicked path far beyond Lingan’s influence. And one is torn from his grasp just as he is ready to make his move.

Lingan is forced to acknowledge that to reclaim his power he must make the ultimate sacrifice.

Out in August 2022